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Hooray for getting the game working again! It was a fun replay. I think I managed to find everything... except for that last owl (I know where they are, but it's a long flight to get there).


Woot! Knowledge acquired! So that's what those owls do!

Nice to have 100%ed the game after all this time! 😆

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that game looks good, but its only playable in browser and i cant install this game on itch desktop client rn



I would love to replay this game, but I can't find a way to download the .swf file and the Ruffle player doesn't seem to work with


at this moment now it works with Ruffle, but only in new window


Thank you! I wasn't able to get it to run with all that great a performance in browser, but the Chrome version of Ruffle had a setting where I was able to download the .swf file.

ah hello! May I ask how you were able to get the game running again? 

And also, I was specifically hoping for there to be a way to play it in browser without any sort of chrome/firefox extension usage if that were possible.

hehe but I'm glad to hear that the game hasn't died yet and you were able to enjoy it! Gosh this is one of my favourite tiny browser game gems that I remember and wish I could replay...!


I'm afraid that there isn't all that much more to my solution than what I already posted. I used the Ruffle extension in Chrome to download the .swf file, and then just used the standalone Adobe Flash Player to run the game directly. So, I'm not sure that that's really the in-browser no-extension solution that you're looking for...


f. no flash player


How can I play this game? I cant' intstall it and Flash Player has been retired by Adobe

Is this game on newgrounds?


This game is great. If u want another great game check out this one -> Yes this one

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yes among us single player is great guys you among us fans are going to be pretty amazed at how good it is

How are you supposed to get past the guy in the mask who keeps pushing you back with that laser thing?

I managed to get over him (with some weird dashing) but he still pushes me toward the start.

Can I at least have a hint? Is it a powerup I need?

I just got the powerup that allows me to put down a flower/fan but even THEN I still can't.


here's a rickroll

Amazing game! I've finished droplets, but have no idea what does the owl do? I've banished it two times but nothing happend and i don't see it anywhere else.

The music  is amazing! The visuals are also super cute!

Amazing. The visuals scream Fez, And the music screams Pikuniku. Also, i saw some secret messages using the Fez alphabet! Cool!


Hi Mark Acid Nerve. Can you make your game downloadable? Because the flash support will end in Christmas of this 2020

Nerve, seriously, It already crashes me just by playing it in Firefox from version 83.0.
Make a downloable version please.

Use inspect element to download the .swf file, then run it with the Flash Player projector.

Even with that method it also crashes my browser, and it doesn't even serve to download it even if it mentions .swf. No decompiler open the .swf from games. This is one of those games that will be lost forever without remedy.

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Try downloading it on Chrome. That works for me, anyway. Also, JPEXS is capable of opening it.

Edit: Apparently it's already on Flashpoint.

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Oh my God this game is so cute and fun, I've played it and beaten it at least multiple times! The music is superb, also... Great job! It really makes you think... 

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Very fun game! I especially loved the nods to Phil Fish and FEZ. Still having troubles on getting the yellow drop, though...


I can't get over how good this game is, I finally finished it after multiple times of getting stuck but I'm still not sure I actually found everything, I'm sure that I'll be playing it for a second time soon.

did you also do the new game+ stuff?

This is a really fun game! I wish I could save my progress and come back to it! Great work!




oh my god, i remember the original game and im so glad you added more to it. this is still one of my favorite flash/ games ever! 

this game is amazing, i would totally pay for it on steam. keep up the amazing work guys!!!

I loved it. i only got one drop though... is that bad? It was also kinda short.

There's a new game+, you get a new power, to get all the drops.

That was so beatiful

i only missed 3 drops and now the game restarted for some reason i had all the items except the mask

knowledge acquired...

What a blast! Great work, fun concept :)


I cant open the game!

Deleted 6 years ago
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I got to the windy part after the credits i climbed on top of all the floating rocks left of the tree and there was nothing ,did i miss anything or is it the way its supposed to be?


I'm still not over hwo cute the graphics were.

what software did you use to make this game? i am trying to make a pixel art game of my own using different types of game media, not just platformer. do you thin you could let me know what software you use? or of other games that you can make pixel game with?

This is such a amazing game! It's so creative, in putting such limited abilities through such a puzzling world. I loved every second of it! (Even if I did sit, frustrated, at some portions)

Okay, completely finished the game.
Even the new game+ part!

Man, what a game! :O

Loved it!


How did you get the yellow drop?

are you seriously asking me that after 3 years? :O

Honestly dont remember, I just remotely remember what the game was even about.

Might at some point go back and replay it though :-)


Don't worry, I discovered how to get it, very clever! 😁 

Okay, just couldn't wait till tomorrow. Just had to play it again.
Got so far that only 1 or 2 drops are missing.

I'm wondering if you can actually do something at the graveyard?
I'm there at night, grouped the 6 ghosts together, there are 6 signs at the top door.
But what now?
Where do I put them?
How do I open the door?

There should be some graves around there you know with the square on them try leading the ghosts there

Really great game!

Just made it to the end, maybe will try the new game+ tomorrow

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Leafy Great Adventure 2!!

Beautifully done

Leafy Great Adventure

Leafy Great Adventure

Pretty cool game. It's hard, but it stretches your abilities which I like a lot. This was fun to play for a while. I like games like this (puzzles I guess you could say) because its makes you use your brain.

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