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Play as a new born seedling and explore a strange and colorful world!


Arrow keys to move

Z to jump

X and C also used later on

M to mute audio

By Acid Nerve:

Art and code: Mark Foster

Music and Sfx: David Fenn

Based on the LD26 jam we made aaaaages ago.


AuthorAcid Nerve
TagsCute, Exploration, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Hi Mark Acid Nerve. Can you make your game downloadable? Because the flash support will end in Christmas of this 2020

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Oh my God this game is so cute and fun, I've played it and beaten it at least multiple times! The music is superb, also... Great job! It really makes you think... 

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Very fun game! I especially loved the nods to Phil Fish and FEZ. Still having troubles on getting the yellow drop, though...


I can't get over how good this game is, I finally finished it after multiple times of getting stuck but I'm still not sure I actually found everything, I'm sure that I'll be playing it for a second time soon.

did you also do the new game+ stuff?

This is a really fun game! I wish I could save my progress and come back to it! Great work!




oh my god, i remember the original game and im so glad you added more to it. this is still one of my favorite flash/itch.io games ever! 

this game is amazing, i would totally pay for it on steam. keep up the amazing work guys!!!

I loved it. i only got one drop though... is that bad? It was also kinda short.

There's a new game+, you get a new power, to get all the drops.

That was so beatiful

i only missed 3 drops and now the game restarted for some reason i had all the items except the mask

knowledge acquired...

What a blast! Great work, fun concept :)


I cant open the game!

Deleted 3 years ago
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I got to the windy part after the credits i climbed on top of all the floating rocks left of the tree and there was nothing ,did i miss anything or is it the way its supposed to be?


I'm still not over hwo cute the graphics were.

what software did you use to make this game? i am trying to make a pixel art game of my own using different types of game media, not just platformer. do you thin you could let me know what software you use? or of other games that you can make pixel game with?

This is such a amazing game! It's so creative, in putting such limited abilities through such a puzzling world. I loved every second of it! (Even if I did sit, frustrated, at some portions)

Okay, completely finished the game.
Even the new game+ part!

Man, what a game! :O

Loved it!


How did you get the yellow drop?

are you seriously asking me that after 3 years? :O

Honestly dont remember, I just remotely remember what the game was even about.

Might at some point go back and replay it though :-)


Don't worry, I discovered how to get it, very clever! 😁 

Okay, just couldn't wait till tomorrow. Just had to play it again.
Got so far that only 1 or 2 drops are missing.

I'm wondering if you can actually do something at the graveyard?
I'm there at night, grouped the 6 ghosts together, there are 6 signs at the top door.
But what now?
Where do I put them?
How do I open the door?

There should be some graves around there you know with the square on them try leading the ghosts there

Really great game!

Just made it to the end, maybe will try the new game+ tomorrow

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Leafy Great Adventure 2!!

Beautifully done

Leafy Great Adventure

Leafy Great Adventure

Pretty cool game. It's hard, but it stretches your abilities which I like a lot. This was fun to play for a while. I like games like this (puzzles I guess you could say) because its makes you use your brain.

I liked this game, though, some parts were annoying and unintuitive, like the floating platform jump, or turning back after getting um, that thing. Nevertheless, I loved the aesthetic and atmosphere, and well, the overall experience.

Has anyone found a way to get the orange seed in new game +? (I have four seeds so far but the jump leading to this one seems ridiculously hard, even from the floating temple's column.)

You're trying to get to the orange seed from the right side; see if you can find a way to approach it from straight below.

going to need a little more info


Have you figured out what the picnic is for?

Love it to bits. I like to think its a coming-of-age tale, you figure out the world, your abilities grow, illusions shatter. kudos for telling the story without any written narration.

Is there more story in newgame+?

You could say that; there is definitely more to see and find after the first time you see the credits.

i loved it this game! its such an amazing game, from the art and its style, to the beautiful music and sound effects. a year or two ago i played the original version, and i fell in love with it then too, even though it was a lot shorter. very well made and one of my favorite browser games


goodness, i love this game!! i love the atmosphere, and the feel of the game mechanics is wonderfully fun ^^ the whole aesthetic of this game is perfectly put together

i'm not sure if there is a proper place to report bugs but when i tried to pick up an acorn by a wall in a short space (it was at the top ledge on the right in the area with the 3 blue switches), this happened, was pushed out of bounds: https://gyazo.com/f61c9d8e225ff52e3bf39e17417eefd3

The same happened to me


This game remembers me a lot of Laputa (The Castle in the sky)


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it won't load :( plz help me!!

The web version of this game is in Flash; chances are your browser doesn't run Flash anymore (for entirely legitimate security reasons). I recommend getting a browser that will play Flash files and switching to it to load only websites you absolutely trust.

I can't seem to get past the part with the giant weird animal on the branch with the picnic. I have the orange leaf and I've been to the part with the guy that turns your screen red if you get to close. I think I need some kind of extra jump thing, like something that boosts your jump height or gives you double jump, but I can't find it.

You know that place where you got the orange leaf? Nearby there's a + shaped wooden wheel. Have you tried swinging the orange leaf at it?

(I know I got stuck here, because it didn't work for me the first time I tried...)


I clicked the game and expected some idubbz leafy shit


Yeah it is finished, it was completed and released 3 years ago but got taken off the internet - only recently got around to re-uploading.

Great look and feel to the game. Like Snipper Joey commented below, is it finished? If it is I couldn't figure out how to climb up the looped section after scaring off the man going up the tree. Overall though, great job!

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I was able to beat the whole game, so yeah it is beatable. Sometimes you really have to stretch your abilities though.

That's good to know. I will give it another try!

I absolutely love it. The cute design mixed with the fun gameplay and the fantastic level design makes a charming game that I can't wait to figure out how to get through the wind segment... BTW, is this a work in progress or is it completed? It looks completed, but maybe you're planning on adding more interesting mechanics.

You can finish the game and you can even get an additional ending in new game+. So I guess it's completed! :-)

For the windy part: Do you have the glide ability? And did you realize that the yellow buttons change the wind direction?
Everything else is more or less hard plattforming and climbing.

Yeah, I know HOW to do it. I'm just not very good at platformers...